During any given moment, do you choose to zone in or zone out? Zoning out is easy and doesn’t take much thinking or presence. Too much zoning out and you might just realize (or not realize) that you’re going through life on auto-pilot. You might think this is a way to relax, rest your mind, or get through stressful times, but zoning out actually doesn’t accomplish much.


Instead, challenge yourself to zone in the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed or wanting to rest your mind. Zoning in on thoughts, feelings, and acknowledging emotions causes you to become present in the moment and not see “everything” as one big problem. Being present allows a person to see and experience life’s situations and moments as smaller pieces, which are part of a bigger picture. It gives humans the opportunity to manage thoughts and feelings, acknowledge them, let them pass, and ultimately, let them go.

Meditation and mindfulness is one way to give thoughts and feelings attention in a healthy way. Being present is not automatic, it takes effort. Give it a try. Staying present will allow you to have more energy, creativity and patience to deal with life’s tough situations, that will inevitably arise and require more of your mental effort.

So what will you choose to do, zone out and be passive or zone in and allow yourself to experience and feel? Because it is a choice.


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