No More Bad Days

Bad days don’t really exist, “I had a bad day,” “my day was terrible,” “what a bad day,” are phrases we use when we’re feeling drained, tired, down, disappointed, frustrated, or maybe something “bad” really did happen, but that doesn’t make it a “bad day.” There are bad moments, but not bad days. Don’t believe me? You’re alive and breathing and reading this post, mark it down as a good moment and know this is no longer, or will no longer, be a bad day for you.

If we re-frame the concept of bad days and break down our days into moments, then our days can be filled with good and bad moments. Then it’s not so bad after all and there will never again be another bad day again. It goes back to gratitude. Waking up and naming three things you’re grateful for. Taking five minutes during the day to stop and thank yourself for allowing oneself to take five minutes out of your day for you, and to reflect on what you’re thankful for.

It’s a choice. I hope your good moments outweigh your bad moments, and that you choose to have no more “bad days.”


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