Letting Go

Why do we hang on? Why do we let things linger in our heads and in our lives that aren’t doing us any good and why (typically) for longer than we should? It could be the way we’re taking in information, processing it and then obsessing over it, or in other words, hanging on. Are we using emotion or logic to make decisions and move on from thoughts and situations? Do we really believe lying to ourselves, in order to protect ourselves, is better than being honest with ourselves and letting go? I have been guilty of not always letting go myself. I think this concept of letting go (or not letting go) is interesting and something just about any person can relate to.

We always hear the saying that honesty is the best policy, but are we being honest with ourselves? Meditation can play a key role in practicing the art of acknowledging thoughts, emotions, situations, and then letting them go, letting them pass. Life goes on whether we’re ready or not, right? Why not be true to oneself, respect oneself and trust oneself enough to not let thoughts, feelings and emotions linger or affect our mood for too long. I’m not saying not to feel sad or bad once in a while; sometimes things do stink or don’t go our way, but instead of sulking in our own sorrows, we can try to acknowledge these thoughts, feel our emotions, use logic, and then let go.

Acknowledge. Feel. Think. Let go. I bet you’ll enjoy the new-found freedom that comes with this practice.

If you’re interested in trying out meditation on your own:
Headspace app (free 10 sessions, each session is 10 minutes in length) https://www.headspace.com/


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