Are We Having Fun Yet

I don’t know about you but if you know me, you know I like to have fun! Fun could mean going out to dinner or brunch, going for a walk with a friend, watching a movie, reading, traveling, drinking a freshly brewed cup of coffee or tea, running, watching my favorite sports teams play, taking pictures, playing soccer, and yes, even working and blogging. I like to acknowledge and accept the fact that I’m choosing my activities and way of life. There isn’t a right or wrong way to live. We think there is because of judgments. Judgments put labels on people and things. My judgment is that judgments are bad. 🙂

When we’re present, mindful, step back and are in the moment, life becomes more fun. You really don’t have to do anything, yes, there are responsibilities that must be taken care of, but why not have fun doing them. For example, we all do laundry (well, we hope this is true), but is this repetitive task/responsibility done on auto-pilot or are we acknowledging the bigger picture? Nice, clean, clothes is the outcome. Maybe you’re doing it to help out your partner or spouse, or to make sure your child is clothed, or for yourself, and this makes you feel good. It’s about enjoying the moments and building the life you want to live, without judging or complaining.

Observations are fine, but making judgments and holding on to those judgments only hurt us in the long run. It narrows our thoughts and creates assumptions. Lightening up a bit, having fun and being open to new experiences and opinions is what makes life enjoyable. Why not blast your music on a Sunday morning, eat chocolate on a Monday, meet a friend during the week, take a different route to work, challenge yourself with a new workout, randomly help a stranger, break your own rules…whatever it is you choose to do in order to increase your personal joy, make sure you have fun doing it. Own it.

So ask yourself each day, are we having fun yet?!? I hope you are!


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