Please and Thank You

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Something that you give or do to show thanks, or a polite expression of thanks, we’re taught to say please and thank you from a very young age. We learn this as a way to show respect for others and express gratitude.

Please and thank you is typically taught to be used in interpersonal relationships, when we’re interacting with others. But what about me, are we practicing gratitude and compassion with ourselves? If we’re not, I think it’s time we start.

Are we being kind to ourselves, making our own day and delighting and satisfying me? Are we thanking ourselves when we treat our mind and body to a good workout, a healthy meal, or go out of our way to connect with an old friend? If not, I think it’s time we start.

When we put ourselves first we’re able to better connect and help others (family, friends, coworkers and even strangers). Fear and anxiety dissipate when we show and express love for ourselves first. In doing this the focus moves away from trying to keep up and please others, and closer to the person who matters the most, oneself.

Do it for you. Do it because you love yourself and deserve only the best; enjoy the peace that comes with this transformation. I chose a picture of my cousin for this post because not only is she my best friend, she’s a great example of this concept and deserves to be celebrated for that. Leaving you with a quote that I think sums this idea up well.

“I have an everyday religion that works for me. Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line.”

-Lucille Ball
Source: BrainyQuote


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