Even When I Lose I’m Winning

John Legend is a smart man, why? His lyrics in his song All of Me are genius and mindful all at the same time. The specific lyrics that caught my attention are, “Even When I Lose I’m Winning.” This is philosophy communicated through music, but what does it all mean?

Losing is impossible because anytime he loses she wins and when she wins she’s happy and that makes him happy. All egos are set aside for perfection, “No matter how bad you feel, no matter what you’re going through, I will be there for you always. I will support you and nothing can change how I feel about you. You are beautiful in my eyes in every single way.”

Think about how much joy the practice of always winning can bring to one’s life, when the only two choices are between winning and learning, not winning and losing. Sometimes things are hard and don’t make sense. That does not mean we need to judge ourselves as losers and failures. It means we should pat ourselves on the back and consider it a win, because either we were successful in our own eyes, or we learned a valuable lesson, accepted it, and moved on from it with a whole new perspective.

“I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday.”
– Author: unknown


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