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I recently started following HuffPost Good News on Facebook, and boy, am I glad I did. Sharing heartwarming stories…what a concept, huh? Sadly, in this day and age, it is not the norm. Posting upbeat news and highlighting achievements is all too foreign in our culture. News outlets and social media posts tend to focus on what is wrong with the world, draw attention to who committed the worst crimes, and continuously reinforce this idea that we should all be living in constant fear. Well I for one am glad the HuffPost is challenging this concept and instead sharing the stories we should be talking about and praising.

All too often we find ourselves chatting about headlines that don’t have a good ending and that make us sad. I realize these stories deserve attention so the community can offer support and shed light on the families and people who have been hurt, but I do not think we should be idealizing criminals and feeding this endless loop of evil at the same time.

Think about this blog post the next time you’re scrolling through your news feed or having a conversation with a friend or co-worker. Maybe there was an article you read or a post you saw that was uplifting and that made you feel happy, share those, share the positive stories with the world. We need to show more love, support and compassion for one another.

I challenge you to not just observe and criticize, but to step up and be the catalyst who shares the good stuff. Because that is really what the world needs right now, more mindful and caring people.


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