You Can’t Live A Positive Life With A Negative Mind

Worry and negativity are a misuse of your imagination. Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negative thoughts and people. Negativity is like poison. It distracts you, harms you and kills your energy. People either inspire you or they drain you. I don’t know about you, but I have made the choice in my own life to be around the people who inspire and encourage, and distance myself from those who only bring me down.

The two types of energies we possess are negative and positive energy. The positive energy will make us feel happy, energized, full of life, inspired, motivated, and healthy. While the negative energy on the other hand makes us feel tired, unhappy, sad, depressed, and angry, but the extreme volume of negative energy will create sickness.

Think about what your current style is and how you react to negativity. Do you take it and let people get the best of you, or do you make a conscious choice to remove yourself from the toxicity that negativity breeds? Be honest with yourself. Once you are able to determine where you fall on the spectrum, think about how you want to respond to negativity going forward. Do you or don’t you want to invite it into your life. Decide. Make a choice. And then make it happen.

If you’re not grateful except when things go right, you are negative. Gratitude is positive. If you are grateful for what is (including the unpleasant school of life lessons), then you can invite more and more positive energy into your life.

“Live your life free from fear, judgment, negativity and worry. Have the courage to see the positive in every situation, learn from your mistakes and follow your dreams!” – Alynn Marble



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