Blame it on the Night


(Reading time 2-3 minutes)

I’m sure by now you have heard this song, Blame it on the Night, by Calvin Harris. If not, no worries, you’ll still be able to pick up on the overall concept of this blog post. The song tells the story of a man who feels guilty about cheating on his partner, but is not willing to accept responsibility for his actions. Later, he apologizes and says that he’ll “be better” in the future.

So what’s the meaning behind the song and this concept of guilt? Guilt is one of the hardest feelings to live with, because you’re the reason you and the people you care about are hurting. You hurt them. How do you get rid of that hurt? How do you heal guilt? This song, Blame, walks a fine line between honesty – actually owning up, accepting responsibility for the pain inflicted and the harm…

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