What Keeps You Up At Night

I’m sure you’ve heard this once or twice in your life. I both like and dislike this question. Why? Because it forces your mind to go right to the negative, the bad, the stressful and the worry. Maybe we should start asking the question what are you doing well and what could be improved upon? What makes you happy and what puts you to sleep at night? What are you grateful for? Why do you care, what is your passion? See when we re-frame the question we still get to the root of the problem and find a solution, but we do so in a more positive and optimistic way.

Millions of Americans suffer from sleep deprivation and are simply overworked. Why create more drama, stress and negativity? We all have enough on our minds and our plates as it is, it’s time we start celebrating the successes, encouraging each other to rest, get exercise and take care of ourselves. Then we perform. Then we can be our best self and produce. This is a huge problem in our society and I think it’s time we start focusing on our health, families and work that brings us joy and happiness. Don’t let people take advantage of you or make you feel bad, stand up for yourself, do what makes you happy and for goodness sake, have some fun! 🙂 Life’s too short.

Make it happen.


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