You know I like to talk about the practice of mindfulness (and how wonderful I think it is!), but what about this concept of mindlessness. Mindlessness is defined by TheFreeDictionary.com as, having no intelligent purpose, meaning, or direction; giving or showing little attention or care. How often do we catch ourselves not paying attention, repeating particular greetings or phrases with no thought or emotion behind the words, reacting with automatic, and almost mechanical-like, responses? When I find myself in this zone I try to stop, bring myself back to the present moment, think, and ask myself, is this how I want to live my life? Or do I want to be more thoughtful, respectful, curious, engaged and mindful?

I’m sure you have found yourself in conversation when all of a sudden it becomes clear to you that the other person is not giving you their full attention. Let’s be…

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