On And Off the Court

I can’t help but blog about my favorite sports team today, Wisconsin Badgers Men’s Basketball! I’m so excited for them and how hard they’ve worked to get to the National Championship game. Win or lose they should be proud of themselves and how far they’ve come as a team, and as individuals. I don’t just like them because I went to school there, but because they are talented, funny, hardworking and respectful. They play with class. I believe it all starts from the top down, with Bo Ryan, what a guy…and what a ride for them.

I read an article today entitled, America Falls in Love with the Badgers. The article goes on to say, “What’s most impressive is how easily it seems to come to this team (Jason Krause).” And as Grantland’s Robert Mays wrote, “All tournament — from Frank Kaminsky hitting SportsCenter in capri sweatpants to Nigel Hayes’s stenography fascination — it’s been obvious that no one has been having more fun than Wisconsin.” I think we can all agree that they’re relaxed, confident, charming and a little goofy.

I can testify that Wisconsin’s fans have helped the cause! Jason Kruse reported that after beating Arizona on Saturday, Bo Ryan was concerned about State Street. “Did anybody hear anything about State Street tonight? Is everything okay?” he asked almost as soon as the game was won. He cares about the team, but also about the fans and the school. It’s good to hear nothing happened. The fans are happy, enthusiastic, and polite.

To say the least, I’m extremely proud to be a Badger! On Wisconsin!


2 thoughts on “On And Off the Court

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