Avoiding Avoidance


Why do we avoid, hide, ignore, and brush hurt and disappointment under the rug? Ignoring our feelings, emotions and unsatisfactory situations is a form of protection, but it’s also a form of destruction to oneself. Avoiding is a short-term band-aid that makes us feel good at the time but hinders and hurts us in the long run.

Hence this concept of avoiding avoidance, why not look fear, sadness, and uncertainty in the face and feel those feelings with all your heart. We do not always do this because it is scary and makes one feel vulnerable. But that is okay. It is okay to acknowledge things that make us sad or uncomfortable, tough situations and disappointment.

Avoidance is the opposite of mindfulness. One who practices mindfulness acknowledges feelings and situations for what they are, eliminates all judgment, and lets oneself feel alive and be human. We do not always…

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