It’s Never Too Late

To start again, to get in shape, to say sorry, to reach that goal or change your path. We impose limitations on ourselves and create self-doubt when something feels uncomfortable or new. When we were kids the possibilities were endless and the energy uncapped. Then there comes a time when we grow up and become adults, and it’s like all of a sudden we no longer have choices, passions or motivations. You would think we’d be wiser, smarter and more rational when we get older, but this is usually not the case. As we age, we get caught up in what other people are doing, what we can’t accomplish and give way too much attention to what “impossible” obstacles might stand in the way, therefore, giving up all hope for a better future.

It’s definitely easier to stay where you are, do the same routine and repeat your habits day in and day out. Mindfulness challenges this way of living and thinking. Mindfulness is all about being fully in tune with yourself and continuously flexing to what might come next. It’s about staying present so that you’re paying attention to life as it unfolds and not obsessing about the past or future. Mindfulness gives you the foundation you need to stay grounded and centered in your own thoughts and beliefs, while you continue to take on risks and conquer new adventures. This practice removes all judgments so that you aren’t spending all of your time imposing your way of life on others and aren’t using judgments to stop yourself and limit your own potential.

Clear your mind of can’t and fill it with thoughts of determination, encouragement and fun, new dreams. Failure is nothing to be afraid of, it’s simply an idea in your mind that you told yourself you had to achieve and an idea that you placed a lot of self-worth on. When we lower expectations, become curious instead of fearful and try our best, there is no room for failure. We are, instead, able to shift our focus and attention on the new doors that start to open and begin to recognize other opportunities that may be just as good, if not better.

It’s important to remember that your mind is very powerful. Your mind takes cues from how your body reacts to and judges events and situations. This is why the breath is so important in meditation and mindfulness. When you feel like you just can’t take anymore or you’re upset because you didn’t reach your goals, stop, breathe and get ready to try again. Or get ready to try something else, try something new. You never know what’s out there or what tomorrow might bring. Enjoy the moment. And when you don’t get what you want, take the necessary steps to pick yourself back up, set new goals and create the new beginnings you deserve.


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