The Beatles – Let It Be

I arrived home from work and was cleaning up a few things when I suddenly found myself humming lyrics to a song, the song was Let It Be by The Beatles. I soon realized that these lyrics were bringing me some comfort in the present moment. I stopped and thought, what about this song is so special to me? I realized that it was the words and the message that I found intriguing. Everyone knows the song, but I bet not everyone takes the time to learn the meaning behind the words.

I decided I wanted to be mindful of this experience and take time to research the life lesson behind the lyrics. I found some interesting information around how the song came to be that I’d like to share with you.

McCartney: “One night during this tense time I had a dream I saw my mum, who’d been dead 10 years or so. And it was so great to see her because that’s a wonderful thing about dreams: you actually are reunited with that person for a second; there they are and you appear to both be physically together again. It was so wonderful for me and she was very reassuring. In the dream she said, ‘It’ll be all right.’ I’m not sure if she used the words ‘Let it be’ but that was the gist of her advice, it was, ‘Don’t worry too much, it will turn out OK.’ It was such a sweet dream I woke up thinking, Oh, it was really great to visit with her again. I felt very blessed to have that dream. So that got me writing the song “Let It Be.” I literally started off ‘Mother Mary’, which was her name, ‘When I find myself in times of trouble’, which I certainly found myself in. The song was based on that dream.

Mother Mary makes it a quasi-religious thing, so you can take it that way. I don’t mind. I’m quite happy if people want to use it to shore up their faith. I have no problem with that. I think it’s a great thing to have faith of any sort, particularly in the world we live in.”

So, how do you find light in the darkness? How do you begin to relinquish control and let go? It’s very important to understand and accept that you cannot control other people, and you cannot always control the situation. After struggling to hold everything together for so long, you finally realize, you actually have no control and that you just have to “let it be.” You finally allow yourself to accept that it’s just the way it’s going to be for now.

It’s a beautiful song that has a very deep but simple meaning. When you let it be you don’t waste your energy getting all worked up. You realize that the light inside of you is in your control and that you’re wise enough to know when you should just let it be.

Take a listen:


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