What Makes You Vulnerable Makes You Beautiful

You can’t form a close relationship with someone unless you’re open and honest with your emotions and feelings. Allow yourself to be vulnerable with other people. It’s important to let others in and trust the ones you love.  Jumping in wholly and completely is not easy, but it’s necessary if you want to reap the rewards that come from closes friendships and relationships. When you bury your opinions and emotions you shield yourself from possibility. You begin to create an emotional wall that only gets harder to break down as time passes. If you’re open, vulnerable and disclosing, more often than not it is reciprocated.

We tend to think that being strong means being tough, but being strong actually means being vulnerable. Vulnerability is an accurate measurement of courage. It is the bridge that builds connections. When you are real with people you connect with them on a whole new level.

Believe it or not, we’re all human and share a lot of the same feelings, emotions, stress and concerns. Do not be afraid to act human. Anyone who judges you isn’t worth impressing. It’s common to want to protect and shield yourself from the possibilities of being hurt and disappointed, but if you’re always hiding you won’t get to experience the joy and happiness that comes from being open. Vulnerability is at the core and the heart of all meaningful human experiences.

Don’t be afraid to move out of your comfort zone. Only then will you truly live, learn and grow. Show up, put yourself out there and become a sensitive soul. Most importantly, keep it real. Johnny Depp, perhaps one of the most versatile actors of his day, once said, “People cry not because they’re weak. It’s because they’ve been strong for too long.”


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