No Answers, No Closure, No Problem


I wish it were that easy. Well, it’s not, but the good news is that there are mindfulness skills that can be used to help ease the pain. “Why me, why now, why my child, why do I deserve this, how, how did this happen?” Since we’re all human, I’m sure you’ve found yourself asking these questions at one time or another in your own life. Let’s face it, it just plain sucks when this happens. It hurts. It’s confusing…but the upside to all this is that there is hope.

I think if we reframe these types of questions and really believe that what is in our control we can change, and what is not in our control we can’t change, then we’d be a lot better off and able to better cope with tough situations. It’s not about having all of the answers all of the time, or…

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