Where Does The Time Go

One of the reasons I love practicing mindfulness is because you get to enjoy each moment as you experience it and not worry too much about what has been or what may come. When you live in the present moment you get to make the most of the time you have here on Earth. Living to the fullest is fun and exciting. When we don’t worry so much about time we’re granted real freedom and joy.

It’s never too late to start living in the moment, that’s the best part! You should be happy in this moment because this moment is your life. When you do nothing you’re able to clear your head, reset and gain a fresh perspective. When you practice mindfulness you don’t need to ask where the time went because you lived it, you felt it and you become satisfied with the now.


Yoko Ono said it, “Some people are old at 18 and some are young at 90…time is a concept that humans created.” Think about the people you know who are cheerful and positive in almost any situation and then think about their age, their story (because they have one), their challenges, their struggles (because they have them), and yet they still live as if every day is the best day of their lives. These are people I admire and want to be around.

Time isn’t measured by how many years pass, it’s measured by what one does, feels and does for others. Don’t let time rule you and stress you out. Take responsibility for your own life and live it how you want to live it. If you’re doing what you love, spending time with people you love and working towards goals that make you feel good about yourself then time can’t control you.

A mindful take on this concept of time is to come at it with excitement, acceptance and enthusiasm. Live in the moment and follow a path that makes you happy. Be spontaneous and adventurous. When was the last time you did something for the first time? Stop thinking about what has happened in the past or what may be coming in the future and start living.


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