Take A Walk On The Wild Side

Are you Type A or Type B? An extrovert or an introvert? Well, whatever, it doesn’t matter. You’re human and that means you’re allowed to have some fun once in a while. Mindfulness teaches you to enjoy the little moments, to take an active role in your life and to focus on spreading love and compassion. I’ve really tried to start doing this in my daily life, instead of just on vacation and weekends, and let me tell you it’s completely changed how I view my life and the world.

wild side

It’s okay to have fun at work, to laugh too loud in front of strangers and to play Marco Polo in the swimming pool with your kids. Yes, there are times when we need to be serious, but we also need to make time to be silly and carefree. Vacation exists so we make time to relax and re-energize. But imagine if every day you could feel this energy, well good news, you can! That’s where exercise, meditation, mindfulness and taking care of yourself come into play. Just like we need sleep, food, water and exercise, we need to make time to clear our minds and nourish our brain every single day. Because we can’t see the brain we sometimes forget that nourishing it is kind of important to our health.


We need play and creativity in our lives just as much as we need logic and statistics. Even through the tough times and sadness, it’s important to search for the light in the darkness. Life isn’t perfect, but it sure is beautiful. We’re usually busy in meetings, on our smart phones or rushing from place to place, but within all the chaos try to center yourself and find some peace. When you’re relaxed, joyful and open to whatever comes next you’ll find life is more enjoyable. Smile more and worry less. Stay present and know that things aren’t going to always go as planned. Take a different route, call an old friend or try a new sport. These are all things that will get you out of your daily routine and comfort zone. These are the kind of actions that will help you experience life.

Don’t limit yourself to what you always knew or what you’ve always done. Exercise and nourish your mind, make new headspace, and if nothing else, be spontaneous and take a walk on the wild side. 🙂



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