Dealing With Disappointment

Ah, yes, disappointment, that dreaded word. It doesn’t feel good, it doesn’t look good, in fact, it doesn’t even sound good. Disappointment is the feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the non-fulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations. Not reaching your goals, not getting that call back or watching your dreams fall apart can be hard to swallow. It takes mindfulness, a positive attitude and honest reflection to continue on.

How do you deal with disappointment? Do you get angry, make a situation worse, beat yourself up, or just simply give up? Or do you thrive on challenge and closed doors? We all deal with disappointment differently, and that’s okay, but if you’re someone who struggles to bounce back after a setback there are skills and exercises you can learn to help you carry on in

In a previous blog post I talk about expectations. If we don’t have them, or keep them in check, we become freer to let life flow and we become open to what might be coming next. I’m not saying to not set goals, I’m saying to remove rigid mindsets, unrealistic expectations and keep an open mind. Life isn’t meant to be easy, and most of the time it’s played out pretty imperfectly, and yet, here you are, still going on.

If you allow your brain to feed on disappointment and have all or nothing thoughts then you’re setting yourself up for a rough ride. I like to think of disappointments as a message that is saying, “Something better is coming. Be patient. Live life. Have faith. Remain hopeful.”


If you let today’s disappointments cast a shadow on tomorrow’s dreams you’re just making it harder on yourself to pick up the pieces and move on. You end up shutting down and closing off communication to the world. You start believe that whatever just fell through was your only option and hope for success. Well, anyone who has been through a tough time and came out on the other side, knows this just isn’t true. Believe in yourself and have the courage to know you’re worth it.

Don’t cover up your disappointment or pretend it didn’t happen. Let yourself feel the pain, but then ground yourself in the present moment, rise up and tell yourself that you’re moving on with your life.



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