Please and Thank You


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Something that you give or do to show thanks, or a polite expression of thanks, we’re taught to say please and thank you from a very young age. We learn this as a way to show respect for others and express gratitude. Please and thank you is typically taught to be used in interpersonal relationships, when we’re interacting with others. But what about me, are we practicing please and thank you with ourselves? If we’re not, I think it’s time we start.

Are we using please to make ourselves happy, make our own day, delight and satisfy me? Are we thanking ourselves when we treat our mind and body to a good workout, a healthy meal, or go out of our way to connect with an old friend? If not, I think it’s time we start.

When we put ourselves first we’re able to better…

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Dance Like Everybody is Watching


We all know the saying, dance like nobody is watching, but I’d like to challenge that thought with the idea that we should dance like EVERYBODY is watching. Living out loud and being you, even when you make a mistake or feel silly or embarrassed, is how we learn and grow. Do we really care what other people think? I believe that as we age and gain experience we realize, no, I don’t really care what other people think. I’m not saying to be disrespectful or think you’re better than everyone else, you’re just loving yourself and putting yourself first, and that’s okay.

Dancing is a form of expression and I think we should let loose more often. Dancing at a wedding is fun, why not at the grocery store, the gym, or walking to work. Who cares? If you’re feeling the music and the moves are flowing, go…

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Take me to Church


You either love or hate that song, right?! Now that I have your attention, I’m going to blog about friendship.

Spiritual or not, I think we can all agree it’s nice to have good friends by your side. People who know you better than anyone else, who you can connect with, who understand you, who don’t judge you, who have your back, who are there for you no matter what, who listen, who care. Days can pass and when you get together it’s like nothing has changed, you instantly reconnect. It’s the people in our lives that make a difference; they come and go for a reason. It’s okay if they come, and if they go. That’s what life is all about. I believe there is a reason behind everything that happens throughout our days here on Earth. Forming solid friendships and relationships gives you strength; it grounds you, and…

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Shoulda. Woulda. Coulda.


These are words I’m trying (yes, trying, it is a process 🙂 ) to completely remove from my vocabulary. Why? Because they do me no good, I find no benefits from thinking or saying them out loud. They cause me to live in the past instead of the present. They don’t accomplish anything. The past is the past and the future hasn’t arrived, why not enjoy the present.

I try and replace these words with actions, such as, doing, participating, analyzing, and moving forward. My supporting image today is a picture of me and my husband celebrating after I completed my third half marathon. I like to compare this type of thinking to running a race; it takes determination, training, doing.

Instead of shoulda, woulda, coulda, I like to say doing, did, done. What’s next?

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Be Bold. Be Beautiful.


I can say with certainty that beauty comes from within, but do we (as a people) really believe in and practice this concept in our daily lives. This notion doesn’t just apply to women, but to men as well. If we step away from the mirror and focus on our mind and our thoughts, who do we see, what do we experience, are we the person we thought we were. Perception is a tricky thing to understand. It’s not cut and dry. It is different for each human being. Next time you’re feeling adventurous, take some time to step back and analyze what lens you are viewing the world through and how this affects your assumptions and beliefs.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but I think it’s a good reminder; don’t be afraid to be different. If you stop judging yourself, judgments from the outside world will not affect…

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The Happiest Place on Earth…


Is Costa Rica, according to Nic Marks and The Happy Planet Index. Why? How do they live? What makes them happy?  Let’s find answers to these questions and stop thinking the future will be a nightmare. Fear in the organism is linked to the flight mechanism, which in turn causes us to freeze and run away.  Let’s stop fearing and focusing on the problems and start seeking out and focusing on the solutions.

The very architecture of our national accounting system is firmly based on production and producing stuff.  We hold a financial/economic definition of what progress is. We think that if we get the numbers to go up we’ll be better off, somehow life is going to get better. In other words, too much greed. We’re fixated on what we can produce, and therefore, measuring everything except what makes life worthwhile: social justice, sustainability and people’s well-being.

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You Only Need the Light When It’s Burning Low


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You might recognize these words from a song by Passenger called, Let Her Go. Below are a few more of the lyrics to the song so that you might better recall.

Well you only need the light when it’s burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love her when you let her go
Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low
Only hate the road when you’re missing home
Only know you love her when you let her go

This song always catches my attention and it got me thinking, that even though the artist is making a simple point, there is an extremely important message here. Way too often we find ourselves missing something we once had, but now is gone. Our natural instinct is to cruise along and assume it (whatever it may be) will…

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You’re Not Alone


I bet you somewheresomeone has been through, or is going through, what you are. If you read history books or know the saying “history repeats itself” you have proof that our world works in cycles and patterns. There is an extremely slim chance that you’d be the first to experience an occurrence, speaking in terms of joy or struggle.

Social media is often knocked for its intrusiveness. Some say it causes humans to lose that person to person connection, but it should also be admired for connecting us as social human beings, it confirms that we’re not alone in whatever it may be. We can share, read, like, comment, pin, tag, encourage and connect in ways we never thought possible. Why not use social media as a helping hand, to share knowledge and beautiful pictures, encourage one another, to intellectually challenge one another?

I want to make it clear…

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No More Bad Days


Bad days don’t really exist, “I had a bad day,” “my day was terrible,” “what a bad day,” are phrases we use when we’re feeling drained, tired, down, disappointed, frustrated, or maybe something “bad” really did happen, but that doesn’t make it a “bad day.” There are bad moments, but not bad days. Don’t believe me? You’re alive and breathing and reading this post, mark it down as a good moment and know this is no longer, or will no longer, be a bad day for you.

If we re-frame the concept of bad days and break down our days into moments, then our days can be filled with good and bad moments. Then it’s not so bad after all and there will never again be another bad day again. It goes back to gratitude. Waking up and naming three things you’re grateful for. Taking five minutes during the day…

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Be Your Best Self.


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Ever wonder why it feels like we’re constantly battling ourselves: to be better, to be healthier, to be skinnier, to get more sleep, to exercise more, to eat less, to work faster, to get it all done. The list goes on and on. But is this a healthy way to live? I truly think we can be our best self without constant struggle and judgment. It simply comes down to setting a daily intention to be your best self (whatever this may look like to you, and it will look different for each person).

If you practice yoga you know that at the beginning of each class we always take time to set an intention before we start the workout. This is extremely important because it’s getting your mind aligned with your body; it’s forcing you to be present, mindful and intentional. Why not make setting…

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